Sport is an important and integral part of the formation provided at Chavagnes and boys enjoy the chance to let of steam every afternoon after a heavy morning of lessons. Team games provide a natural forum to develop team spirit and to experience healthy physical exertion. Games offer a necessary counterbalance to spiritual, cultural and academic activities, and play a key role in the growth of the whole person.

In addition to the afternoon sports activities, gymnastics is part of the Curriculum for years 6 – 9. A cross-country programme operates throughout the year and our boys always do well in local 2km and 10km races at Ascensiontide. All boys are given the chance to take regular riding lessons. Older boys have opportunities to practise weight-training and rowing. In addition, a number of our boys belong to the local Chavagnes football club and represent the village in local competitions.

The games programme intends to provide each student with:

(1) An experience of a variety of sports, so that at the very least, he can become an informed spectator.

(2) Teams that will participate against local and other boarding schools

(3) A sense of sportsmanship, often lacking in today’s drive for ‘professionalism’.

(4) A taste for sport and an ability to enjoy it, even for those who find it difficult.

(5) An understanding of the value of being physically fit to be mentally more efficient.

Currently soccer and rugby are the main winter sports. We also hold a few indoor cricket training sessions over the cooler months.

During the summer term the emphasis is on cricket, soccer, basketball and athletics.

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