Junior School (11-14)

The College has a computer network with a high speed internet connection for the use of pupils and staff.

Boys use computers regularly from Year 7 in languages, History and Mathematics and an on an occasional basis for other subjects.

In Year 9 boys are given a short introduction (10 hours) to the use of spreadsheets (Microsoft Excel) and the intelligent use of word-processing (Microsoft Word) for preparing essays etc.

Senior School (14-16)

ICT is not offered as an examination subject, but boys are expected to use computers for the production of some essays and projects. As short computer skills module (5 hours) is given in Year 10, revising the basics of Word and Excel, and introducing PowerPoint.

Upper Secondary (16-18)

AS-level Computing from AQA is available (subject to demand) as an examination course. This course introduces boys to the use of programming languages.

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