The teaching of French as a native language follows the French national programme, preparing for the French examination of the Brevet des Colleges, taken at the end of Year 10/3ème and  L’épreuve anticipée de français, also called EAF or Bac de Français, taken at the end of the Lower VIth/Year 12/Première.

Pupils may also sit a French A-level from CIE or AQA at the end of Year 12.

National programmes for Year 12 are currently undergoing revision. The government has asked for the course to be “centrée sur des études littéraires en phase avec le monde moderne.”  We are troubled by this development, because whilst we believe that modern literature should be represented at this level, it should not form the central thrust of the course.  A particular concern is that educationalists have stated that this reform is intended to make the study of French literature more attractive and relevant to modern youth.  Our concern, as with other literatures, would be to transmit a love for a cultural canon worthy of study for its own sake.

Thus, pupils will be appropriately prepared for the examination, whilst experiencing a richer diet of classic and modern French literature in keeping with the College’s commitment to a traditional liberal education.

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