Spanish (FL)


All boys begin Spanish in J1 (Year 7 UK).


Listos 1 & AVENTURA used in J1

Listos 2 & PASOS Vol. 1 used in J2

PASOS vol. 2 used in J3

IGCSE students in S1 and S2 follow the Cambridge CIE programme of study,

Regular Spanish cultural events are organised in the College and we also has a number of Spanish pupils.

Spanish at Chavagnes

Spanish offers opportunities for pupils to:

  • become increasingly familiar with the sounds, written form and grammar of a modern foreign language;
  • use their knowledge with growing confidence and competence to understand what they hear and read, and to express themselves in speech and in writing;
  • develop language skills and language-learning skills, including applying their knowledge of grammar and structures, so that they become increasingly independent learners and users of Spanish;
  • use Spanish as the principal means of communication within the classroom, and beyond it where opportunities exist;
  • increase their cultural awareness by learning about Spanish-speaking countries and their peoples, and by working with materials from those countries;
  • form a sound basis for further study in key stage 4 and beyond.

Creativity in language learning

As pupils’ independence increases, they can be encouraged to become more creative in their use of language and in the way they work, using language for their own purposes rather than merely to practise skills.Examples of creativity in learning Spanish include:

  • replacing words or phrases in sentences with other words or phrases of pupils’ own choosing;
  • adding extra details or ideas to what they say or write, eg in role plays or letters;
  • adapting or composing songs, poems and rhymes;
  • ‘brainstorming’ ideas, as a whole class or in small groups, around a topic or aspect of language, eg listing as many adjectives as possible before describing their favourite actor or actress;
  • using a variety of media, including ICT, to express themselves in Spanish;
  • expressing or presenting things differently, eg using information from a holiday brochure as a stimulus for writing a holiday diary or postcard;
  • creating spoken and written presentations, sketches and role plays that draw on previously learnt language.

Units for Junior School (J1-J3)

Unit 1. ¡Hola! 
Unit 2. La familia y los amigos 
Unit 3. El horario 
Unit 4. En casa 
Unit 5. En el pueblo 
Unit 6. Pasatiempos 
Unit 7. Nos presentamos 
Unit 8. La comida 
Unit 9. La salud 
Unit 10. De compras 
Unit 11. El turismo 
Unit 12. Diversiones 
Unit 13. Nosotros, los jóvenes 
Unit 14. Los medios de comunicación 
Unit 15. Nuestros proyectos 
Unit 16. Nuestro medio ambiente 
Unit 17. El mundo hispano 
Unit 18. ¿Tú, qué opinas? 


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