Art and Design

Years 7-9 (Junior School)
Introducing perspective, colour, different media (pencils, pastels, chalks, 3D work).  In Year 9 boys each work on their own icon, painted on wood.

Annual programme for Years 7-9:

Fall Term

Students are introduced to aspects of technical drawing including one-, two- and three-point perspective, and drawing ellipses. Students work with grids to enlarge an image and also to distort, using anamorphic grids and cylindrical mirrors. Students learn about the golden ratio.

Lenten Term

Students work with colour, creating their own colour wheels in gouache paint. Students learn to mix neutral colors including grey. Students work with warm and cool colour palettes.

Students are introduced to three dimensional design by working from a simple line drawing to a wire sculpture, and through origami.

Summer Term  (weather permitting)

Students do plein-air drawing and painting, using a grid and viewfinder to draw landscapes and buildings. Students work on nature sketchbooks. Students create a portfolio or book to show their artwork. Each class also creates one large, three-dimensional project.

Years 10-11 (Senior School)
Art in the Senior School is an optional course, leading to the award of GCSE Art and Design as a Short course or Full GCSE at the end of Year 11. The syllabus followed is that of AQA:

Years 12-13 (VIth Form)
Gifted artists may chose to be prepared for Art and Design A-level from AQA:

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