Junior School (Years 7-9)

Objectives: to be able to read music and play the recorder/sing at sight fairly confidently by end of Year 9, enabling a student to sing confidently in a choir and/or play in a recorder ensemble.

Schemes of work: Year 7      Year 8      Year 9  

Year 7: Focus on skills – recorder playing, singing, plus preparation for ABRSM Grade 1 Theory.
Year 8: Continued practical skills, plus preparation for ABRSM Grade 2 Theory.
Year 9: Perfecting singing and/or recorder skills, plus preparation for ABRSM Grade 3 Theory.

Associated Board syllabus:

Senior School (Years 10 and 11)
Music is an option in the Senior School. The syllabus followed is that of Cambridge, leading to the IGCSE award in Year 11:

Depending on individual circumstances, students may instead opt for a course leading to Grade 5 or Grade 6 Music theory from the Associated Board. (See link above.)

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