2019 Conference – The Anointed Imagination: Literature and the Light of Christ

This year’s summer conference is built around a course of ten 90-minute lectures from Joseph Pearce, the internationally acclaimed literary scholar, tracing the development of literature from the ancient world to the present day. An added attraction this year is a special excursion to visit the castle at Angers.

Monday, July 22

Lecture One – The Muses and the Talents: Christian Theology and the Literary Imagination

Lecture Two – Splintered Fragments of the True Light: Homer, Sophocles and Virgil

Tuesday, July 23

Lecture Three – The Muses Baptized: Augustine, Boethius and Beowulf

Lecture Four – Anthropos and Homo Viator: Aquinas, Dante and Chaucer

Wednesday, July 24

Lecture Five – The Outlawed Muse I: Elizabethan Shakespeare

Lecture Six – The Outlawed Muse II: Jacobean Shakespeare

Thursday, July 25

Lecture Seven –  Reason, Revolution and Romanticism: The Romantic Poets

Lecture Eight – Rome and Romanticism: Newman and Hopkins

Friday, July 26

Lecture Nine – The Chesterbelloc: Belloc and Chesterton

Lecture Ten – The Muse Triumphant: Waugh and Tolkien

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