This year’s conference is also the first stage of a new Masters degree

Participants at the 2019 Chavagnes Studium conference will include our students from the Chavagnes Studium BA in the Liberal Arts and also our first students in the new Masters degree awarded in the name of the Holy See by the Institut Catholique d’Etudes Supérieures.

This new Masters degree in the Liberal Arts is suitable for would-be researchers, practising teachers and budding writers. Three separate options are available through a mixture of online tuition, self-study and 2 or 3 shorut residential sessions per year over just 2 years.

For fuller details, visit the STUDIUM webpage:

Don’t worry … you don’t have to do a degree to come to the conference, but it is perfectly possible to combine formal education with pleasure, for those seeking a valuable qualification for Christian teachers, thinkers and creators of all ages. Contact us for more details!

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