Programme for August Conference

Europe and the Faith : an inter-disciplinary Catholic conference

“A man’s view of himself is not an “aspect:” it is a comprehension. Now then, so it is with us who are of the Faith and the great story of Europe. A Catholic as he reads that story does not grope at it from without, he understands it from within. He cannot understand it altogether because he is a finite being; but he is also that which he has to understand. The Faith is Europe and Europe is the Faith.”                                                                                                                                   Hilare Belloc

Monday 30th July 2018

Transport from airport in Nantes arranged free of charge.
18.30 Apéritif
19.00 Dinner

Tuesday 31st July

Early morning private Masses
8.00- 8.45: Continental buffet breakfast.
From 9.30: Welcome session, with opening remarks from Father Mark Lawler, Ferdi McDermott, and other members of the speakers’ panel. To include a presentation of the Chavagnes Studium.
10.30: Coffee
11.00:  “The Catholic vision of JRR Tolkien”, Joseph Pearce.
12.15: Solemn High Mass, in the Extraordinary Form.
13.30 : Lunch

14.30: “1880-1920 and 1980-2020: Living through a fin de siècle “, Ferdi McDermott.
15.30: “Henry VIII, Europe and the Rule of Law”,  Jonathan Battye.
16:30 Tea
17:00 The Dictatorship of Relativism and European Identity, speaker to be announced.
18.30: Vespers from the Little Office.
19.00 Apéritif, with musical entertainment.
19.30 Dinner
21.15: Compline

Wednesday 1st August

Early morning private Masses

8.00- 8.30: Buffet English/continental breakfast.
8.45: “The Vendée war viewed from 18th century London”, Louis Mabille.
10.00: Missa Cantata (Extraordinary Form).
12.00 – 15:30 Excursion to local sites of interest linked to the Vendée counter-revolution.
Special meal away from the College.
15.30: Tea and coffee
16.00: “The Catholic literary Revival in England and France”; Joseph Pearce.
18.00: Vespers and Benediction.
19.00: Apéritif
19.30: Dinner
21.15 Compline

Thursday 2nd August

Early morning private Masses

8.00- 8.45: Buffet English/continental breakfast.
9.30:  “From decadence to dystopia: the priestly prophecies of RH Benson and John Gray“, Luca Fumagalli.
11.00 Coffee
11.30: “Europe and the Chesterbelloc”, Father Mark Lawler
12.30: Solemn Sung Mass in the Ordinary Form.
13.40: Lunch
14.40 : “The Courtesy of Polymaths: Jesuit and Lutheran scholars in 17th c. Europe”, Dr Thomas E Conlon.
16.00 : “The Price of Liberty is Eternal Vigilance — does Europe want to pay the price?” Benjamin Harnwell.
17.00: Conclusion and Tea
17.45: Joyful mysteries of the Rosary.
18.00: Vespers
19.00 Aperitif
19.30 Dinner
21.15 Compline

Friday 3rd August

Early morning private Masses
From 7.30-9.30; Buffet continental breakfast

Transport to airport, or stations, etc.

Any last-minute changes will be announced each day.