Programme for July 2019 Conference

The Anointed Imagination: Literature and the Light of Christ

A conference about creativity and Christian faith

“The Imagination, then, I consider either as primary, or secondary. The primary Imagination I hold to be the living Power and prime Agent of all human Perception, and as a repetition in the finite mind of the eternal act of creation in the infinite I AM..”                                                                                         Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Sunday 21st July 2018

Transport from airport in Nantes arranged free of charge.
18.30 Apéritif
19.00 Dinner

Monday 22nd July

Early morning private Masses
8.00- 8.45: Continental buffet breakfast.
9.30: Welcome session, with opening remarks from Father Mark Lawler, Ferdi McDermott, and other members of the speakers’ panel. To include a presentation of the Chavagnes Studium.
10.00:  The Muses and the Talents: Christian Theology and the Literary Imagination, 
Joseph Pearce
12.00:  All is not quiet on the western front: culture wars and their casualties in the modern world,
Dr David Daintree, Director, Christopher Dawson Centre for Cultural Studies, Tasmania.
13.30 : Lunch
14.30:  Splintered Fragments of the True Light: Homer, Sophocles and Virgil,  Joseph Pearce
16:30 Tea
17:00 Philosophy of Education I, Professor Anthony O’Hear, OBE
18.30: Vespers from the Little Office.
19.00 Apéritif, with musical entertainment.
19.30 Dinner
21.15: Compline

Tuesday 23rd July

Early morning private Masses

8.00- 8.30: Buffet English/continental breakfast.
8.30: The Muses Baptized: Augustine, Boethius and Beowulf, Joseph Pearce
10.30: The Apocalypse and its representation in Christian Art, Professor Anthony O’Hear
12.00 – 17.00 Excursion to Angers, led by Professor Anthony O’Hear, OBE.
Special lunch away from the College.
17.00: Tea and coffee on arrival back at College.
17.30: Anthropos and Homo Viator: Aquinas, Dante and Chaucer, Joseph Pearce.
19.00: Apéritif
19.30: Dinner
21.15 Compline

Wednesday 24th July

Early morning private Masses

8.00- 8.45: Buffet English/continental breakfast.
9.00: The Outlawed Muse I: Elizabethan Shakespeare, Joseph Pearce
10.30: Coffee
11.00:  Philosophy of Education II, Professor Anthony O’Hear OBE.
12.45: Solemn Sung Mass in the Ordinary Form.
13.45: Lunch
15.00 : The Outlawed Muse II: Jacobean Shakespeare, Joseph Pearce
16.30 : Tea
17.00: Shakespearean performance.
18.30: Vespers
19.00 Aperitif
19.30 Dinner
21.15 Compline

Thursday 25th July

Early morning private Masses
From 7.30-9.30; Buffet continental breakfast

9.00 Reason, Revolution and Romanticism: The Romantic Poets, Joseph Pearce

11.00 Rome and Romanticism: Newman and Hopkins, Joseph Pearce

13.00 Lunch

14.00-18.00: Lecture and Seminar: Living and working as a Christian writer , with Fiorella Fiorella de Maria and K.V. Turley

18.00 Apéritif and chance to meet with our writing tutors: Fiorella de Maria, K. V. Turley and Denis Boyles,  our Director of Writing Programmes.

19.00 Dinner 

Friday 26th July

Early morning private Masses
From 7.30-9.30; Buffet continental breakfast

8.30: The Chesterbelloc: Belloc and Chesterton, Joseph Pearce

11.00 The Muse Triumphant: Waugh and Tolkien, Joseph Pearce

12.30 Solemn High Mass

13.30 Lunch

14.30: “The Holy Grail: Heroic Myth or Key to Heaven?”, Charles Coulombe.

16.00:  To be announced

17.00  : Free time/ Seminar for MA students/ departures.

19.00 Buffet dinner.

Saturday 27th July : Transport to airport, or stations, etc.

Any last-minute changes will be announced each day.