Young and European in 1618

What would it have been like to be a young man 400 years ago,  in the Europe of 1618?

It’s the question our boys will be asking from 20-23 April 2018 during a special 4-day cultural festival which will address that question with a rich programme of music, art, theatre, meals, lectures and other events involving boys at the College plus visiting experts and performers.

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The Theatre in London and Paris, 1618

Two years after the death of Shakespeare, London was still abuzz with theatre. The lavish masques organised for King James I played alongside the tragedies and comedies of Ben Johnson and others continued to transport Jacobean audiences to parallel universes of the imagination.

Meanwhile in Paris, Pierre Corneille was just 12 years old …


Chavagnes International College has held several “Renaissance festivals” or “Shakespeare Weeks” to coincide roughly with Shakespeare’s birthday since its foundation in 2002.  Previous events have included lectures and musical workshops run by Peter Bassano, a relative of Emilia Bassano Lanier (reputed to be the Dark Lady of Shakespeare’s Sonnets), concerts and liturgical events featuring renaissance music and also various theatrical offerings performed by the boys at the College.

The Europa 1618 festival takes as its staring point the question “What was it like to be a young man in 1618?” We are hoping to bring together an interesting list of musicians, actors and speakers who will help our boys, and the general public, understand more deeply how to answer this question …. let’s find out how much things have changed in 400 years.

We plan to dress in the style of 1618 for the time just before and during the festival, and also to live the life of people of that time … including in what we eat, in our amusements, in our work …  it won’t be completely authentic, but it will give us all a very good idea.


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