English Language

For £20 per week, you have it all covered with Chavagnes Homeschool support ….

Your £700 subscription to one year of AQA GCSE English Language tuition with Chavagnes includes

  • 35 1-hour lessons (1 per week)
  • Access to a large bank of free online revision resources
  • Marked homework every week
  • Regular testing
  • Practice mock exams, marked by your teacher
  • One year free access to online revision platform
  • Optional participation in an online Shakespeare play with pupils from Chavagnes International College
  • Access to a range of online extra-curricular activities available to all our online pupils 

Course consultants: Ferdi McDermott, MA, MEd, PGCE, FRSA, FCCT, Headmaster of Chavagnes International College, teacher of English literature GCSE and A-level since 2002.

Course tutors: Mr Patrick Long