For £20 per week, you have it all covered with Chavagnes Homeschool support ….

Your £700 subscription to one year of AQA GCSE Maths tution with Chavagnes includes

  • 35 1-hour lessons (1 per week)
  • Digital resources
  • Marked homework every week
  • Regular testing
  • Practice mock exams, marked by your teacher
  • One year free access to Mathletics, the premium Maths practice website
  • Access to a range of online extra-curricular activities available to all our online pupils.

Yes, with your subscription, you’ll also get one year’s free access to MATHLETICS (worth £50) . This provides you with all the extra practice you need to master the UK GCSE syllabus and approach your exam with confidence.

With Chavagnes online tuition, your child wil also benefit from the “Mathletics Advantage!”

Course consultant: John Hayes, MA (Oxon), MSc (Oxon), PGCE (Oxon), Senior Mathematics Master at at Chavagnes International College since 2003.

Course tutors: Mr Marshall