Welcome to the Chavagnes May Ball 2020, to be held on Saturday 23rd May, 2020, in another dimension…

Imagine a magical place where you can meet up with all your family and friends whom you haven’t seen for ages, plus catch up with your old classmates and meet new people too. All in a wonderful party atmosphere, just like a big wedding or family reunion. What’s more, we’ll be inviting some wonderful celebrity guests. More news will be coming soon!!

This will be a great opportunity to meet your old school friends, and also for families to get together in a festive atmosphere. You will meet people from all over the world, all supporting Chavagnes through the purchase of their ticket. Live music, great company … all online!

And it is all going to take place despite, or even because of , the great confinement, or LOCKDOWN.

Here’s the programme:

  • Dress: formal (black tie, cocktail dress).
  • 19.00 Drinks in the main hall, live music, conversation with new and old friends. Free lottery ticket on arrival. This is a chance to meet new people while you wait for your friends to arrive.
  • 20.00 Go to your table, where, surrounded by your friends, you’ll enjoy a delicious meal. It will begin with a formal word of welcome from Mr McDermott and from our special guest of honour, plus the Blessing before the meal. During the meal, you might get a few visitors coming to say hello. Boys from the College will check you are ok and make sure you have everything you need. Everyone at your table will have a special joke to tell, a song to sing, or a story to share.
  • 21.00 Cabaret with magic, songs and sketches plus a “classical karaoke challenge”.
  • 22.00 Back in the main hall, dancing until late for those who wish. Otherwise, circulate between tables and meet new people, or stay with your friends and enjoy a great evening. There will a few special challenges to help you mix and mingle .. you’ll meet friends of Chavagnes from Spain, Poland, Ireland, USA … all sorts of interesting people.
  • 00.15 Final ceremonies, prize for the best dressed man and woman … and for the best dressed table; lottery winners announced.
  • 00.30-01.00 Last dances, back in the main hall.
Mr Ferdi McDermott will be the Master of Ceremonies, welcoming former pupils, families and friends …

How do we do this? From the comfort of your own dining table and sitting room. All you need is your party clothes, something to drink, a tasty dinner and a beautifully arranged table, plus your laptop computer and an internet connection. Using ZOOM (with all the security features activated) we will provide a big virtual room for everyone, plus separate, more intimate virtual spaces for each “table”. It works …. that’s where technology is now! Don’t worry if you find all this too confusing … we will help you, every step of the way. It is really quite simple.

At various points throughout the evening a Chavagnes boy will come to your virtual table with updates or there will be a public announcement that will be seen and heard at every virtual table. It’ll be an evening full of atmosphere, music and laughter. And a unique virtual experience that you will be talking about for years!

Tickets cost just 25 euros with all proceeds going to help Chavagnes International College through the challenges of lockdown. With one ticket, you get one connection link and a password that will allow you and your household to enter the “Main Hall” and everywhere else in the event. If there are more than 2 of you, we’d suggest a larger donation … perhaps 40 euros in total. But it’s up to you.

You can buy your ticket and register online for the event, including – if you wish – the chance to create and name your own table for you and your friends. Just visit our BUY TICKETS page on this site. If you don’t create a table, that’s OK; we’ll seat you with some interesting people, some you might know already and some you have yet to meet.

Mr and Mrs Andrew McDermott will be in attendance, setting an example of correct dress!

Chavagnes International College is the premier international Catholic boarding school for boys.