The Chavagnes Studium Press has cooperated on one publication, published four more and has another five in preparation for 2018.
Our activities support the academic work of the Chavagnes Studium.

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Science and Religion, by Ferdinand Brunetière, translated by Erik Butler.

The Sacred Liturgy, (2nd edition), Dom Gérard Calvet OSB.

The Four Benefits of the Liturgy (2nd edition), Dom Gérard Calvet OSB.

The Catholicism of Shakespeare’s Plays (2nd edition), Fr Peter Milward SJ.

Roy Campbell: Selected Poems, Edited and introduced by Joseph Pearce.

The following books are in preparation:

The Roots of Science and its Fruits: The Christian Origin of Modern Science and its Impact on Human Society by Peter Hodgson

The Virgin Mary in Liturgy, Literature and Life: Proceedings of the Chavagnes Studium Conferences of 2016 and 2018.

Shakespeare’s Apocalypse (2nd edition), Fr Peter Milward SJ.

The Simplicity of the West (2nd edition), Fr Peter Milward SJ.

Our books are edited at Chavagnes Studium but are legally published by our partners CREATE SPACE in the USA.

All our titles are available online on AMAZON.