Education: a renewing passion

Ferdi McDermott writes:

I am looking forward to this forthcoming conference in Rome (18-21 November 2015) on the theme of “Educating Today and Tomorrow. A renewing passion” but I am not looking forward to the pigeon English that results from Vaticanese; the problem of ecclesio-jargon has been getting worse in recent years.  If the title of the conference does not give much of a clue as to its content, neither does the only conference paper so far announced: “Educating the meeting and solidarity”, from Prof. Fiorin Italo.

Unlike the Synod of bishops, we are supposedly going to get simultaneous translation into English, French, Italian and Spanish, beamed on to our smartphones. I don’t have one … but I expect I can borrow one.

So far, the translation looks like Vatican gobbledegook, or should we say these days googledegook?

The Holy Father has recently suggested that it is sometimes good for Christians to be unsettled and confused … and that indeed looks like what is on the menu at the education conference, although it is probably not deliberate. At least the first and third of the three key themes to be addressed are fairly clear: the identity and mission of Catholic institutions, education topics and training of trainers.

I am looking forward to the conference, mainly because of the chance to meet other Catholic educators, the people at the Congregation for Catholic Education, and the Holy Father himself. But I hope I do not come back to Chavagnes speaking that strange Mediterranean dialect that seems to say more and more about less and less …