New students: Ben from Ohio

When I asked Mr. McDermott why it was so important for him to teach people from all around the world, he answered me by telling me of his concern about the future of Western Civilization and his hopes for playing a part in its restoration by instilling in young men a love of the classics : the works of such people such as Aristotle.

Right there I knew I had to seriously consider this school. Education in Western Civilization has been degraded. It is now designed to further people’s knowledge, but not their understanding, or wisdom; meaning people are taught of many things, but not taught how to truly use them, or what they themselves truly are. There are no questions anymore, just data. And there won’t be until it is encouraged to understand – really understand – what you’ve learned. That is why it was important that I asked Mr. McDermott “why” he wanted to teach. I was able to see that he understood why it was important that he is a teacher. Because he has a solution. He has something of value to hand on. This is why I am considering attending Chavagnes Studium this fall. Benjamin (18), Ohio, USA.