Marya from Virginia … Calling young ladies!

Marya from Virginia writes: “Homeschooled for most of my life, except for kindergarten in Italy, I’ve developed a fondness for the classical liberal arts. As a high school senior, I grew more and more concerned about what I would study in college, and perhaps do for the rest of my life. As I searched for something that I could be interested in enough to make a living, I kept returning back to the liberal arts.

Before ever hearing about the Chavagnes Studium, I had already had my hopes set on attending the liberal arts college from which my mother had graduated. However, being the third child of eight, with two older brothers in college, I became daunted by the idea of paying for said college. With an intensive BA program, consisting of only two years, tuition had significantly been reduced. If that wasn’t reason enough for me to pack my bags and set off to France, the program would also consist of traveling throughout Europe for which I have had an affinity for ever since I was little, prompting me to return for World Youth Day 2016.

The only drawback I can find, is that I seem to be the only girl that has shown an interest in this amazing program. Although I don’t mind this, I realize that it would be much better if I had at least one other female classmate to keep me company. That being said, I am not convinced to give up my hope of attending the Chavagnes Studium. If there are any young ladies out there who want to join the adventure with me, do get in touch with the Studium.”