Life at Chavagnes

When a multitude of young men, keen, open-hearted, sympathetic, and observant, as young men are, come together and freely mix with each other, they are sure to learn one from another, even if there be no one to teach them; the conversation of all is a series of lectures to each, and they gain for themselves new ideas and views, fresh matter of thought, and distinct principles for judging and acting, day by day.

Idea of a University, Discourse 6.

Of course, at Chavagnes there is a tough and interesting course of studies to follow, and highly qualified teachers to see you through it, but the best lessons are those that students will learn together, in a spirit of Christian friendship. The experience of spending two years of early adult life with other like-minded Catholic gentlemen can be a life-changing experience. These young students of today are going to change hearts and minds in tomorrow’s world and form the next generation of Catholic leaders.

A typical week at Chavagnes will include 2 days of classes at our local partner college, the Institut Catholique d’Etudes Supérieures in La Roche sur Yon and 3 days at Chavagnes itself, plus afternoon sport and cultural activities on some days, together with a visit to some site of cultural or historical interest. Students and their teachers meet together for daily Mass and for most meals.