Term dates

The Academic Year


Term 1:  Thursday 22 September to Friday 9 December

From Saturday 22nd October to Wednesday 2nd November, the students and their tutors will continue their classes in Trapani, Sicily, at the invitation of Monsignore Liborio Palmeri, and the local diocese. Accommodation will be provided in the diocesan seminary;  regular classes will be combined with visits to ancient Greek and Roman sites and other cultural attractions.


Term 2:  Monday 16 January to Friday 17 March

Term 3:  Monday 3 April to Friday 16 June

Term 4:  Monday 10 July to Friday 8 September

This term will include a two week visit to the UK, including attendance at a series of Shakespeare’s plays at London’s Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre. Regular classes will continue during the visit.

Term 5:  Monday 25 September to Friday 8 December


Term 6:  Monday 22 January to Friday 23 March

Term 7: Monday 9 April to Friday 22 June

Term 8: Monday 16 July to Friday 14 September