Term dates

The dates of terms for the Chavagnes Studium are shown below:

WINTER Thursday 12 January to Friday 17 March
SPRING Monday 3 April to Friday 16 June
SUMMER Thursday 6 July to Friday 8 September
AUTUMN Thursday 21 September to Friday 8 December
WINTER Thursday 18 January to Friday 23 March
SPRING Monday 9 April to Friday 22 June
SUMMER Thursday 12 July to Friday 14 September
AUTUMN Thursday 27 September to Friday 14 December
WINTER Thursday 17 January to Friday 22 March
SPRING Monday 8 April to Friday 21 June
SUMMER Thursday 11 July to Friday 13 September
AUTUMN Thursday 26 September to Friday 13 December
WINTER Thursday 16 January to Friday 20 March
SPRING Monday 6 April to Friday 19 June
SUMMER Thursday 9 July to Friday 11 September
AUTUMN Thursday 24 September to Friday 11 December

These dates are given as a help to current and future students who need to plan far ahead. Small changes are sometimes made, so you are encouraged to check with us before purchasing travel tickets.