Accommodation for young men

ROWBOAT_002From September 2018 we will providing a small hall of residence, St Gregory’s Hall,  for male students who will also be involved with some of the existing sporting and social activities for older boys (aged 16-20) still involved in pre-university studies at Chavagnes.

It is envisaged that the first intake will consist of about a dozen young men recruited mainly from France, the UK and the USA. These students will be pioneers who help to build up a tradition for the future: the first Catholic Liberal Arts degree in modern Europe.

Chavagnes is a great place for a young man, with an existing faculty of mainly male teachers, all highly qualified, and several in their 20s and 30s. Our teachers know that in a certain sense they have a vocation to act as role models; that’s why you will see them on their knees every day beside our students, eating at the same table, or even rowing in the same boat.  Over and above the tough and rewarding programme of studies, Chavagnes provides an environment such as the Blessed John Henry Newman describes in his Idea of a University:

“When a multitude of young men, keen, open-hearted, sympathetic, and observant, as young men are, come together and freely mix with each other, they are sure to learn one from another, even if there be no one to teach them; the conversation of all is a series of lectures to each, and they gain for themselves new ideas and views, fresh matter of thought, and distinct principles for judging and acting, day by day. ” (Discourse 6)

Chavagnes is already an idealistic and ambitious environment where the energy and creativity of boys and men is placed at the service of Almighty God in an exciting and authentic way. The first intake of the Chavagnes Studium will be joining an existing community of young men, and helping us to take the Chavagnes story a stage further, whilst at the same time receiving an education that one leading American Catholic scholar has recently described in this way: “a wonderful program that will, no doubt, change for the better the lives of many … young men (and, later, young women) … the knowledge offered here is second to none in my experience in the States.”