Accommodation for young women

"Move-In", courtesy of Tulane Public Relations (CC 2.0)

We currently have two young ladies staying in College accommodation and hope in the future to develop this into a real Hall of residence. In the meantime, we provide a number of solutions for female potential students.

Within the community of the Studium (a medieval word for a fledgling university) we have two small Halls: one for men, and one for women. As the young people coming to join us will often be leaving home for first time, we recognise that whilst they are already young adults, they still need the kind of pastoral support that will create within each Hall a Catholic family-style environment. For this reason, then, the St Gregory’s Hall (for young men) has a Warden and several younger male academic staff who live alongside the students as well as teaching them.

The Ladies’ Hall is in its infancy at the moment (with only two young ladies so far) but will also have in the future two or three female professors who will act as role models and mentors for the young ladies in their care.

Other options for young ladies:

  • Catholic host families who would welcome a small number of girls (perhaps two or three) as members of the family, especially if they are prepared to spend a little time looking after children.
  • We are also happy to offer help for groups of girls to rent and share a house together
  • A range of different rental possibilities proposed by ‘ICES’ in nearby La Roche sur Yon with the locals.

We believe that what we are creating here will be, with God’s grace, an especially fruitful educational apostolate and will be a great place for Catholic boys and girls, typically aged 17-19 when they start here, to grow into the strong, reliable and impressive young adults who will be at the forefront of our society in the years to come. We hope you will want to be part of the adventure!