In partnership with ICES, the Catholic university of the Vendée we offer a 2-year, highly flexible Masters degree in Catholic Liberal Arts for teachers, writers and researchers.  With teaching arranged in a few intensive, residential blocks, plus internet support,  the programme can be followed as a ‘LOW RES’ (low residency) course.

Awarded on behalf of the Holy See, as a Vatican Masters under the authority of the Congregation for Catholic Education, this prestigious degree is recognised worldwide. It also benefits from special recognition by the French government as equivalent to a French Masters degree.

All students complete a core element, featuring a selection of studies in faith and culture. Then they choose one of the three options:

educator option:
Practitioners in the field of education will study the tradition of liberal education from a Catholic perspective and explore how to implement its holistic and inter-disciplinary approach in their own school or community education contexts. They will also receive input on the philosophy of education in general and the tradition of Catholic education as enunciated by the Church’s magisterium. Short coursework essays will serve to consolidate and assess their learning.
In the second year they will select a research focus linked to their own reflective practice and work towards a thesis of 10,000 words which shows how they have explored theoretical aspects of the Liberal arts tradition and used them to achieve positive change and enrichment in their own places of work. The residential meetings will provide a social context in which to share and reflect on progress in their reflective practice research.

researcher option:
This option features literary, artistic, theological, philosophical and ethical studies dealing with Catholic educational tradition and the place of the Church in the modern world. In addition, they receive an introduction to the techniques of academic research. Short coursework essays will serve to consolidate and assess their learning. By the beginning of the second year, students will select a research focus and prepare a research thesis for publication on an approved subject, with an opportunity to share and reflect on their progress with other members of the group during two residentials at which they will continue their general formation in relevant cultural and ethical themes.

writer option:
This final option features literary artistic, theological, philosophical and ethical studies, focusing especially on the vocation of the Christian writer.
It is also features practically oriented studies in the craft of the writer, taught by professional, published authors and editors. Students on this option will contribute, as part of their continuing assessment, to a regular newsletter about the Masters programme. The culmination of their course is the presentation of a single published work of fiction, or portfolio of published work, created under the guidance of a personal writing tutor.