A new Catholic Liberal Arts BA in the heart of Europe

Study the Great Books of the western tradition in the heart of Catholic Europe

A community of Christian scholarship

Chavagnes, a seat of prayerful scholarship since the 13th century, where teachers and students live, pray and work together.

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The Idea of a University

"Let heart speak to heart" was the motto of the Blessed John Henry Newman, who taught that the university should be first and foremost a community.

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Friends for life

The friends you make at Chavagnes will be faithful, like-minded and ambitious Christian gentlemen. These people are going to make a difference for each other and for their world.

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Universities have lost their soul … and now they are wondering how to get it back.

David Brooks in yesterday’s New York Times regrets that universities,  founded for religious reasons, have largely abandoned the transmission of beliefs, values and morals. He notes that there are now signs of a resurgence. “Many American universities were founded as religious institutions, explicitly designed to cultivate their students’ spiritual and moral natures. But over the

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Anthony Fisher OP on marriage, the Church and the liturgy

  Homily for Mass with Consecration of Altar, 27th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year B St Joseph’s Church, Oatley, 4 October 2015 Listen to the Audio: http://www.xt3.com/library/view.php?id=18119&categoryId=36&episodeId=2293 They came in their millions hoping to see “the People’s Pope”. Last week the Holy Father visited Cuba and the United States. Secular journalists from around the world,

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