Jean_racineIt is preferable that students on the Chavagnes BA should already have level C1 (or at least level B2, which is roughly equivalent to a good grade at A-level) in French, so as to permit them to study Latin during the first year. Those students with little or no French will study intensive French instead of Latin. In practice, each student will be assessed individually and provision made accordingly; in the case of students with existing basic French and Latin, it may be possible to study both subjects.

The main reason for the study of French on the Chavagnes degree is to enable the students to experience more authentically the culture and life of France and the French during the two years they will spend here. In addition, the study of French literature and its development will enrich their appreciation of European culture in general and provide more background for their historical studies. The role played by France in the history of ideas means that the study of French literary and philosophical texts is a central part of the course, and a sound grasp of French will allow our students to read these texts in their original language.

At the end of the course students will have high level fluency in written and spoken French (C1 or C2) and a good knowledge of the development of French literature, completed by a first-hand acquaintance with its seminal texts. They should be suitably equipped to teach French as a foreign language in High School. In addition they should be ready to embark on Masters-level study, through the medium of French. Our partners, ICES ( offer a Vatican-validated Masters in Humanités catholiques which would be particularly suited to graduates of the Liberal Arts degree.


The Chavagnes Studium BA Hons in the Liberal Arts with French
is offered in partnership with
ICES, Institut Catholique d’Etudes Supérieures:
Catholic University of the Vendée.