Agrigento_concordia-templeThe study of history is, in merely human terms, the world’s best hope for peace; because the study of history helps us learn from our mistakes. As Newman observed, “To be deep in history is to cease to be a Protestant”, or in other words, a thoughtful historian will never be a revolutionary, but rather a counter-revolutionary.

We have a duty of memory: for civilisations are just like people and can suffer from a profound dementia. Once a civilisation loses its memory it can longer remember or say who or what it is. The solid grounding in European history will give to Chavagnes students the means to tackle the crisis of identity from which Europe suffers in our times.

Our study of history at Chavagnes seeks to trace the history of mankind, from the standpoint of our western tradition, and at the same time to teach the historians of the future the academic craft of the historian.

The wide scope of the history studied and the attention given to historical method, will equip successful students to teach history or to pursue academic research.