Philosophy and Theology

aquinasThe Chavagnes BA in the Liberal Arts is not a philosophy degree, but the place of philosophy is important within it. In keeping with the mind of the Church, this subject is “taught in such a way that the students … will come to a solid and coherent synthesis of doctrine, will learn to examine and judge the different systems of philosophy, and will also gradually become accustomed to personal philosophical reflection.”

Special weight is given to St Thomas Aquinas and to the sapiential and metaphysical dimensions of philosophy which are it “original vocation”.

The study of theology on the Chavagnes degree has a necessarily restricted focus. It concentrates on those areas of theology which will best serve ordinary lay people and in the deepening of their faith, but also has another aim: to enable students to look on our Christian past and our secular present from a strong and informed Christian viewpoint. The course takes as its watchword the expression of St Anselm: “I do not seek to understand in order that I may believe, but I believe in order that I may understand (credo ut intelligam). For this I also believe; that if I did not believe, I could not understand.” Strongly academic, this course is also catechetical in intent, spirit and method.