Take a GAP year, or a term at the Studium

14352331_1098294170225640_1052632662882923209_oFor our first year, Autumn 2016- Summer 2017, a group of young men from the USA, UK and France are undertaking the first year of our study programme, complete with cultural visits to Sicily, Rome, Naples, Riga, Talinn, Santiago de Compostella, London, Paris and more. The first student group will only be completing the first year of the programme (the Foundations of the Western Tradition).

If you are a young man at a crossroads this year and would like to study the Liberal Arts in a setting of fellowship and adventure, at the heart of Catholic Europe, come and join us. We will accept visiting students who want to join us mid-way through the year.

From September to Christmas we’ll be studying ancient Greek philosophy, Greek history culture, Greek mathematics (Euclid), plus an Introduction to the Old Testament and an introduction to French or Latin.

13920645_10154600661661992_2937509976403467993_nAgrigento_concordia-templeThe cost for the whole year, including accommodation, is 25,000 euros. But if you come for a shorter stay, we will bill you just for the time you are with us.  For short visits of up to 3 months, American citizens do not require a visa. For more information email us by using the form below.