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Cardinal Dolan: Include the new minority, the faithful Catholics …

A very refreshing, consistent theme of the synod has been inclusion.  The Church, our spiritual family, welcomes everyone, especially those who may feel excluded.  Among those, I’ve heard the synod fathers and observers comment, are the single, those with same-sex attraction, those divorced, widowed, or recently arrived in a new country, those with disabilities, the

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Anthony Fisher OP on marriage, the Church and the liturgy

  Homily for Mass with Consecration of Altar, 27th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year B St Joseph’s Church, Oatley, 4 October 2015 Listen to the Audio: http://www.xt3.com/library/view.php?id=18119&categoryId=36&episodeId=2293 They came in their millions hoping to see “the People’s Pope”. Last week the Holy Father visited Cuba and the United States. Secular journalists from around the world,

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